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EyeSP is the same proxy server based solution provided by ProxEye, but with features specific to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). EyeSP is a hostable on-line activity management solution for an ISP's subscribers. Provided as a billable service, EyeSP allows each subscriber to customize and manage their policy settings. EyeSP provides subscribers with parental controls, web chaperoning, malicious software blocking, white/black list etc.

EyeSP meets the needs of ALL your customers, letting them define their own criteria for Internet access. Parents who want to provide their children with access to the Internet also want some safety mechanisms to ensure that inappropriate sites are filtered. Small business owners also require access that is configurable to keep their online activity consistent with their company policies and values.

BAJAI recognizes the need for a solution to be easily integrated into the current service delivery systems. This is why EyeSP has been designed to integrate smoothly. Self explanatory interfaces assist the end user in designing their access criteria via an easy-to-use web-based configuration tool.

Important EyeSP Features:

A simple interface used by EyeSP is shown below. A log-in system allows a user to view and change their access control settings. Because the interface is web based, it becomes very easy to change the look and feel to fit in to your current users service area.

Login Login Current Settings Current Settings Change Settings Change Settings