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The automation and speed of BAJAI's intelligent systems replaces the costly manual labour required for categorizing potentially millions of firewall logs. Reports are managed by our scientists to ensure the scientific integrity of the studies.

BAJAI Audits provide you with insight into:
Internet Audit and Analysis Services Provided
Tier 1: Internet Log Audit
Analyze Internet Activity Logs
Audit Effectiveness of Current Tools and Policies
· Examine Internet activity patterns based on your Internet logs.
· Categorize all web activities
· Analysis of your current tools failure rate and shortcomings

Tier 2: Internet Activity Analysis
Analyze Content Categories
· Categorized based on BAJAI's comprehensive list of web sites.
· Trend Analysis of Choice Categories
Tier 3: Comprehensive Analysis
Assess and Characterize Network Activity
Risk Assessment of Content and Activities
Review and Recommendations
· Highlight inappropriate uses of computing resources.
· Assess the liability, security and productivity related issues.
· Highlight missing checks and balances, and suggest remedies.