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There have been many studies published on Internet usage, here are a few:

Wired Workers Report: Who are they and what are they doing

17% of Internet users (and 11% of all Americans) say they know someone who has been disciplined or fired because of his or her use of the Internet on the job. This is not surprising. There are legal encouragements to make sure employees are not abusing their Internet access. Business executives can be sued if they do not maintain a safe and harassment-free work environment.

Changing our ways: Why and how Canadians use the Internet Statistics Canada

Canadian households are increasingly buying home computers and connecting to the Internet (Dickinson & Ellison, 2000). The impact of computers and the Internet on business and e-commerce is beginning to be documented using household Internet use data and business statistics from Statistics Canada (Ellison, Earl, and Ogg, 2001; Bakker,2000). Using the 2000 General Social Survey data on individual Internet use, this article explores the use of the Internet and its social impact on Canadians.

Information and Communication Technologies and electronic commerce in Canadian Industry

Businesses have embraced the use of information and communications technologies such as e-mail, and the Internet and the personal computer or PC are widely used in most businesses. Use of computers among enterprises was high at 81.9%. The Internet, originally designed as a communications medium for researchers, is now being adopted by many other groups. The Internet was used by 52.8% of enterprises and these enterprises accounted for three-quarters of economic activity.

Illegal and Offensive Content on the Internet (Booklet)

Early in 2000, Industry Canada convened a federal government working group to assess Canada's progress, identify gaps and develop a coordinated strategy. This document takes stock of the government's approach, and profiles what government and the private sector are doing, in partnership, to give Canadians the tools they need to assure safe, wise and responsible Internet use.