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The BAJAI List is compiled by Internet data mining robots, called iajaBot™. All robots, specific to URLs, newsgroups, etc., exchange information with one another to effectively map out the Internet. This continual sharing of information, gathered through many different and invidually trained robots, enables BAJAI to not only manage today's vast assortment of Internet content types, but prepares our solutions and products for the future.

BAJAI's exceptional solutions utilize the most efficient data structures for it's List. Efficiency and speed rule the Internet, so should your Online Activity Management solution.


  1. Under-blocking is not a problem with OCULAR™ image based technology!
    BAJAI online access management software is powered by OCULAR™ (Online content Classification URL Labeling And Relegation) technology. Because OCULAR™ classification considers ALL online content, including images, it IS clever enough to recognize and block almost all restricted content. BAJAI's Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and image capable technology overcome the "inherent complexity of human language and thought" because the images and link relationships permit context-based relegation instead of simple "literal" classification.

  2. Over-blocking is not a problem with OCULAR™; image based technology!
    Contextual relegation virtually eliminates over-blocking. Most over-blocking is a consequence of a filter building a "literal" definition of a site based on a simple text string. The "Essex County Web Site" may be blocked because the letters 'sex' appear in the text string that defines the name of the site. BAJAI's AI algorithms ensure that, while text strings are checked to help determine content, the rest of the content is actually examined in order to make a context-based decision. This ensures that BAJAI products do NOT block innocuous material. Further, in the rare event that online content is blocked in error, BAJAI software has an optional user over-ride. The over-ride is logged and notification is sent to the administrator, but the over-ride ensures that the online management tools do not damage "the most basic and practical uses of the Internet" or "interfere with free speech or the rights and civil liberties of every person accessing, publishing, or broadcasting on the Internet." BAJAI agrees, "Most of the material on the Internet is informative and useful and should not inadvertently or intentionally get blocked."

  3. Expert Control is not necessary with BAJAI's suite of Online Activities Management (OAM) solutions!
    BAJAI's philosophy is that the owner of a computer/network resource has 100% control over how to manage access to content. BAJAI provides a very powerful set-up language for installation and maintenance by advanced users, however, BAJAI also provides a very simple windows-based Graphic User Interface (GUI) that even the beginning user can use to define the type of material to be permitted. Permissions are readily customized at any level, down to the individual user. Because BAJAI does not use a "White List" of allowable sites, BAJAI does NOT "decide what they (users) should and should not see." ALL sites are allowed at the discretion of the owner and, with our unique over-ride function, individual users have the option to exercise freedom of speech and un-limited access to data content.

  4. Subjective application of loosely defined criteria is no longer a problem with BAJAI's Artificial Intelligence algorithms and user-specified filtering definitions!
    Each individual or group of users can be granted access to content based on objective, owner-specified criteria. This allows access to be "customized to meet the needs of particular communities." Owners and individual users have 100% access to the criteria used to relegate content and the ability to modulate relegation/access criteria through feedback and customization of access settings.

  5. Error-Prone systems are a thing of the past with BAJAI technology!
    BAJAI uses advanced AI and a bank of automated "bots" to continually check and self-correct our classifications. This system is very accurate, learns continuously, and unlike human classifiers, applies criteria objectively. Inappropriately blocked sites remain available to users through the over-ride option. BAJAI even rewards users who provide examples of incorrectly relegated sites, which are then used to 'teach' the AI, improving the accuracy of future relegation.

  6. Censorship is not an issue. BAJAI solutions enable user-defined choice to manage access to online content!
    BAJAI's AI algorithms can be used to incorporate legally defined limits to online content, preventing virtually all illegal material. At the same time, only a user-defined, choice-based, non-"white list" application, like BAJAI's suite of OAM solutions, permit the maximum freedom of speech, expression and association.

  7. Discrimination, like censorship is eliminated by giving the user the freedom to choose!
    BAJAI does not block access, but merely provides the tools necessary for the user to choose content to which they desire access. BAJAI technology does not selectively judge "controversial" materials, and the over-ride option gives the user the maximum level of freedom.

  8. Text-based blocking is Vulnerable to simple bypass mechanisms, but BAJAI's OCULAR™ image-based technology and relegating AI are not easily fooled!
    Foreign language and picture-only sites are frequently overlooked by text-based filters, but not by BAJAI. Only parents (or administrators), have the ability to determine which classifications are accessible. This function is password protected. Even so, BAJAI provides a reporting option, that allows parents to track usage, just in case your password becomes known. BAJAI's next generation of software will even allow 'unknown' sites to be evaluated "on-the-fly", to ensure that if we missed anything the first time, it will be relegated before your children have access.

  9. Problems with system performance are a thing of the past!
    BAJAI solutions are simple to install, even for the beginning user. List updates are automatic and changes to system files are minimal. This eliminates any crashes associated with the OAM applications. BAJAI solutions also take up a minimum of memory, do not require additional hardware, and operate faster than the refresh rate on your video display (10,000 requests per second per 100 MHz of processing power). That is fast. BAJAI operates at information superhighway speed.

  10. Informed Choice does not prevent unwanted material and collective standards limit freedom of Speech, Choice and Expression.
    BAJAI supports informed choice as the best method for providing a safe learning environment and encourages resource owners such as parents and administrators to educate as much as possible. Right or wrong, technological methods for delivering unsolicited content to your computer exist, and a 'pop-up' stemming from an innocent search request may be viewed in spite of informed choice. This is a technology driven problem and BAJAI has the technology driven answer. However "constitutionally acceptable solutions" are derived, these will have a tendency to limit individual choice. Creating "White Lists" leads back down the road towards problems 7. Discrimination, 6. Censorship, 3. Expert Control and 4. Subjectivity. BAJAI allows informed choice while maintaining individual freedom to choose.