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BAJAI's iajaBot™

Iajabot's robotic farm automatically classifies content 24 hours a day, every day. Tirelessly combing the web, the robots utilize OCULAR™ technology to continually create the most up-to-date and accurate web classification list available. OCULAR™ performs ON-THE-FLY image analysis, which eliminates the threats associated with newly posted offensive materials. Unfamiliar URL's are scanned for offensive images and blocked if they are deemed in violation of organizational policy. This ensures that BAJAI's characterization and classification methodologies provide the most protection from undesired content, with the least amount of misclassification. BAJAI's override privileges provide management with a tangible tool to assess user compliance when searching the Internet. The override capability also guarantees that productivity is not affected by a misclassification, or a rare need to access information generally not complying with policy. See how Iajabot™ works with OCULAR™ technology to analyze image content.

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